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tapes and tapes

Spider II

one ring

moments without names (lights)


5 things: Tracy

(from top)
Paris Box: A reminder of my trip there, the best trip in my life
Gambling Teddy Bear: It's a reminder of my mom, her co-workers bought it for her and she kept it on her desk
Cross: A reminder of faith
Perfume Bottle: This is the first antique I got from my dad
Photographs: My family, my support system

thousand words XII & XIII


ad astra

amarion painting with light


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Warm up these cold days with the gift of art!

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Warm up these cold days with the gift of art!
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5 Things: Tiffany

1. Kokopelli: "Flute Player" - Native American symbol for life and fertility
2. Chickens: 'always had live ones growing up as pets'
3. KU Stuff: 'grew up in Lawrence, grandparents worked there'
4, Henny Penny book, rings, Dr. Seuss: these are 'childhood memories. Henny Penny was my mother's favorite children's book and she gave me her book from her childhood'
5. Dried sticks, flowers, leaves, pencils, paintbrushes, flower painting: interests

5 Things: EJ

(from top to bottom)
1. Camera: my love of photography
2. Pencil and paintbrush: my love of art and creating art
3. Pocket notebooks: always having to write something down since the mind never stops
4. Family Photographs: being able to see all my family whenever i'd like
5. Turntable, Mixer, and records: my love of music
*The 5 Things project is open to all who are interested. If you would like to be apart of this project, contact

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