Sunday, January 29, 2012

Help Send the Scots to Scotland!!!

Hey everyone,
First I'd like to thank everyone how has donated so far to help the Highland Park High School theater students perform in Scotland this summer.  We are about to reach an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT DEADLINE.  If you donated through the Kickstarter site (, the deadline to reach the requested amount of money is February 19th.  Of the $15,000 requested, a little more than $3,200 has been raised.  This entire project is currently behind in payments and needs to raise funds in order to not have to cut any of the students from the project. 
There is also a great event at Highland Park High School on Saturday, February 4th to raise funds:
Walkin’ The Scots to Scotland Fundraiser Walk
Saturday, February 4 Registration Opens at 9:30
HPHS Gymnasium Walk at 10:00 
This is a 3-mile walk…55 laps around the gym! It should take about one hour.
Free-will donations are requested to send our Scots to Scotland!
This is a great opportunity for a second quarter wellness activity, and to support deserving students in our district! The Speech-Language Department challenges other groups or individuals to donate $1.00 per lap ($55.00). The group with the largest total donation will receive special recognition by the students of the HPHS Drama Department!

Any donation you can make will be most helpful to this students and please share this with as many people as you possibly can; these kids deserve the opportunity to show their talent on a world stage and be the wonderful representation of Topeka they are!

EJ Drake

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Help send the Scots to Scotland!

The Highland Park Theater department needs your help! Deadlines are quickly approaching and the Scots needs your help to make their trip to Scotland this summer! Every dollar helps these students meet their goal to perform in this once and a lifetime event. Check out this video,, or call Scot Kickhaefer at 274-6000 for more information and to donate!