Monday, February 20, 2012

Fundraiser for Da Bearz Baseball!

Hey everyone,
Come out Friday March 2nd to Rib Crib to help support Da Bearz baseball team!  Da Bearz are an 8 and under baseball team at Dornwood.  Come out from 11 am to 10 pm and the Da Bearz will receive 10% of the net profits!!!


Skyblu: The Stairwell

Kelvin "Mama's Boy" Tiller

I'm pleased to announce that e drake photography is now sponsoring MMA fighter Kelvin "Mama's Boy" Tiller!  I've known Kelvin for a long time now and am happy to help him on his journey! 

Sad day at the book store

Below are a couple pictures from the last Friday that Hastings Entertainment was open in Topeka.  Hastings was a great store that I hung out in since high school (it was located across 21st street back then).  Another Topeka business comes to an end, a sad day indeed

"We Love E Drake Photography Water!"

"The best camera you have is the one you have on you"

While I'm still not the biggest fan of cameras on phones, I've been trying to get more into it since I got my new iPhone.  The photos below have all been shot and edited through the iPhone only.  You can view more of them on Instagram (edrakeii), Tumblr (, and Twitter (

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'super delicious water!'

'refrigerator essentials'

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'the rainbow'

life through the lens: 'joey and chandler'

Joey and Chandler are my wife's new pet rats, named after the characters from the show 'Friends'.  I'm not a fan of rats or the show 'Friends' but they bring her happiness, so it's cool i guess :)